React Native Admob Native Ads

screenshot of React Native Admob Native Ads

React Native Admob Native Ads

A simple and robust library for creating & displaying Admob Native Advanced Ads in your React Native App using Native Views.


When working on a React Native Application and looking to display ads that match the app's aesthetics, the traditional method of loading ads inside a WebView can feel limiting. However, this library offers a more advanced solution by using Native Advanced ad format to display ads, allowing for customization and integration that seamlessly blends with the app's design.


  • Admob Native Advanced Ads format: Utilizes a more complex ad format for better customization.
  • Cross Platform (iOS and Android): Supports both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Identical Working on both platforms: Ensures consistent performance across platforms.
  • Create custom-designed ads: No limitations on designing ads to match the app's look and feel.
  • No need to manage layout files: Simplifies the ad management process by eliminating the need for .xml or .xib files.
  • AutoRefresh ad: Supports automatic refreshing of ads at specific intervals.
  • Support for Video Ads: Includes video ad support for an engaging experience.
  • Ad Mediation: Offers ad mediation, especially with Facebook Ads Mediation for Video & Banners.
  • Ad Targeting: Provides options for targeted ads.


To install the library, you can follow these steps:

  1. Run npm install react-native-admob in your project directory.
  2. Link the library using react-native link react-native-admob.
  3. For detailed documentation and older versions, refer to the provided links.


This library offers an advanced solution for displaying ads in React Native applications, utilizing a Native Advanced ad format for customization and integration. With support for various ad formats, ad mediation, and ad targeting, it provides a comprehensive solution for developers looking to seamlessly integrate ads into their applications.


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