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Modern and Responsive theme for Question2Answer ( Q2A ) websites


Donut Theme is a modern and responsive theme designed for Question2Answer (Q2A) platform. It prioritizes readability and offers an excellent user experience. The theme is free and open-source, built using Bootstrap and comes with an admin panel that allows users to customize various aspects of their website. Donut Theme is developer-friendly and supports multiple languages.


  • Mobile-first and responsive layout for improved readability
  • Easy installation, setup, and customization
  • Powered by Bootstrap for a clean and modern interface
  • Built with Less for easier customization (Less files included with source code)
  • Flexible theme with an admin panel for better customization
  • Inbuilt support for CDN and minified assets, leading to faster website loading and reduced resource consumption
  • Improved integration with plugins such as Breadcrumbs, Onsite Notifications, and Open Login


  1. Install Question2Answer platform (version 1.7 or later).
  2. Download the latest version of the Donut Theme from GitHub (recommended to download from the releases page).
  3. Use Git to clone the repository or download directly from the latest release page.
  4. Copy the Donut-admin folder to the qa-plugin directory of your Q2A installation (e.g., qa-plugin/Donut-admin).
  5. Copy the Donut-theme folder to the qa-theme directory of your Q2A installation (e.g., qa-theme/Donut-theme).
  6. If your site language is not English, copy the appropriate language files from the provided link to the qa-plugin/Donut-admin/lang directory.
  7. Visit to configure the theme according to your preferences.
  8. In the Q2A admin panel, go to and select Donut for both the Site theme and Theme for mobile.
  9. Congratulations! The Donut Theme is now successfully installed and running on your website.


Donut Theme is a modern and responsive theme designed for Question2Answer (Q2A) platform. It offers a clean and user-friendly interface powered by Bootstrap. The theme prioritizes readability and provides an excellent user experience. With its flexible customization options and integration with popular Q2A plugins, Donut Theme is a great choice for Q2A website owners. The installation process is straightforward, and the theme is easily configurable through the admin panel. Donut Theme is free and open-source, created with love by Amiya Sahu and contributors.