React Native Rsa Native

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React Native Rsa Native

A native implementation of RSA key generation and encryption/decryption.


The "react-native-rsa-native" project is a native implementation of RSA key generation and encryption/decryption, sign/verify features with keychain implementation in PKCS1. It supports iOS 10+ and Android 4.1+ (API 16). The project is in need of new maintainers.


  • Generation: Generate RSA key pairs.
  • Encryption: Encrypt messages using RSA.
  • Decryption: Decrypt encrypted messages.
  • Sign: Sign messages for verification.
  • Verify: Verify signed messages.
  • Keychain Support: Utilize keychain for secure storage.


To install the theme, use either of the following commands:

$ yarn add react-native-rsa-native


$ npm install react-native-rsa-native --save

If using an older version of React Native and encountering issues, try using v1.1.14.


"react-native-rsa-native" is a project that provides native RSA key generation, encryption, decryption, sign, and verify features with keychain support in PKCS1 format. It caters to iOS 10+ and Android 4.1+ (API 16) platforms. The project is currently seeking new maintainers to contribute and improve its functionality.

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