Codrops Dropcast

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Codrops Dropcast

a responsive HTML/CSS/Javascript template, comes with Sketch files and a fully working site with SCSS. It works very well for podcasts landing pages or blogs, and can be easily customized.


Dropcast is a responsive HTML/CSS/Javascript template designed for podcast landing pages or blogs. It includes Sketch files for both mobile and desktop versions, as well as a fully working site. The template is highly customizable to suit individual needs.


  • Responsive design for optimal viewing on all devices
  • Includes Sketch files for easy customization
  • Suitable for podcast landing pages or blogs
  • Works well with HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Fully working site included
  • Highly customizable to fit individual needs


To install Dropcast, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that Sass is installed on your system
  2. Navigate to the assets/scss folder
  3. Run the following command: sass --watch assetscss/main.scss:assets/css/dropcast.css


Dropcast is a responsive HTML template that is perfect for podcast landing pages or blogs. It comes with Sketch files for easy customization and a fully working site. With its responsive design and customizable features, Dropcast offers a great solution for anyone looking to create a podcast or blog website.


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