Api Boilerplate

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Api Boilerplate

Node ES6 Express REST API boilerplate with Postgres Sequelize and Gulp


The Amida API Boilerplate is a boilerplate application designed for building REST APIs in Node.js using ES6 and Express. It is specifically intended for use with PostgreSQL and utilizes the Sequelize ORM.


  • ES6 via Babel: Supports ES6 syntax using Babel.
  • Authentication via JsonWebToken: Provides authentication using jsonwebtoken.
  • Code Linting: Utilizes the airbnb-base style guide with ESLint for parsing modern ES6 syntax.
  • Auto server restart: Restarts the server in real-time using nodemon whenever an edit is made, with babel compilation and eslint.
  • ES6 Code Coverage via Jest: Supports code coverage of ES6 code using Jest. Code coverage reports are saved in the coverage/ directory.
  • Debugging via debug: Offers a debug function for easily debugging code.
  • Promisified Code via bluebird: All code is promisified, including tests via supertest-as-promised.
  • API parameter validation via express-validation: Allows validation of request body, params, query, headers, and cookies via middleware.
  • Pre-commit hooks: Runs linting and tests before each commit to ensure quality code is committed.
  • Secure app via helmet: Enhances security of Express apps by setting various HTTP headers.
  • Uses yarn over npm: Utilizes yarn package manager.


To get started with the Amida API Boilerplate, follow these steps:

  1. Install yarn:
npm install -g yarn
  1. Install dependencies:
yarn install
  1. Set environment variables:
cp .env.example .env
  1. Start the server:
yarn start
  1. Run tests:
yarn test
  1. Lint code:
yarn lint
  1. Additional gulp tasks can be found in the documentation.


The Amida API Boilerplate is a powerful tool for building REST APIs in Node.js. It offers a range of features including ES6 support, authentication, code linting, and more. With its easy installation process and comprehensive documentation, it provides developers with a solid foundation for building robust and efficient APIs.


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