Aws Sdk React Native

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Aws Sdk React Native

AWS SDK for React Native (developer preview)


The AWS team introduced the AWS SDK for React Native, which offers a developer preview for utilizing AWS services in React Native projects. The SDK includes support for various services like Amazon S3, DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, and Amazon SNS. It leverages Amazon Cognito Identity for authentication purposes in mobile app development.


  • Support for Amazon S3: Store user data, photos, and videos in the cloud using TransferUtility for file transfers.
  • Integration with Amazon DynamoDB: Store data in a NoSQL database for efficient retrieval and management.
  • Utilization of AWS Lambda: Execute serverless code in the cloud without the need for backend infrastructure.
  • Push Notifications with Amazon SNS: Send and receive push notifications for enhanced user engagement.
  • Authentication with Amazon Cognito Identity: Ensures secure authentication processes following best practices for mobile apps.


  1. Install Xcode, Android Studio, and other dependencies based on the React Native Getting Started guide.
  2. Check out the SDK source code.
  3. Build the SDK:
    • Run npm pack for Core.
    • Run npm install for each service.
  4. For iOS:
    • Download the AWS Mobile SDK for iOS and extract the frameworks.
    • Copy the relevant .framework for each service into the iOS/Frameworks folder.
    • Adjust the header search path if needed.
    • Build each Xcode project.


The AWS SDK for React Native offers a comprehensive solution for developers to incorporate AWS services seamlessly into their React Native projects. With support for essential services like storage, database, serverless computing, and push notifications, along with secure authentication through Amazon Cognito Identity, developers can create robust and feature-rich mobile applications. By following the provided installation guide, developers can set up their environment and leverage the capabilities of the SDK in their projects.