Aws Amplify Vue

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Aws Amplify Vue

A Vue.js starter app integrated with AWS Amplify


The AWS Amplify Vue Starter is a VueJs starter app that is integrated with aws-amplify. It provides a convenient starting point for developing Vue applications using the AWS Amplify framework. The starter app comes with a number of features and components that are specific to AWS Amplify, such as authentication components and storage components. It also includes detailed instructions on how to set up and configure the AWS Amplify library for your Vue application.


  • Amplify Integration Explained: Detailed explanation of how the AWS Amplify library is integrated into the Vue starter app.
  • Auth Routing: Routing components and configuration for authentication-related pages and functionality.
  • Storage Components: Components for handling storage and upload of binary data using AWS Amplify Storage.
  • License: The AWS Amplify Vue Starter is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.


To install and set up the AWS Amplify Vue Starter, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the project repository.
  2. Install the project dependencies.
  3. Copy the aws-exports file into the src directory, or initialize a new AWS Amplify CLI project.
  4. Set up the AWS Amplify library in the entry point of your application (e.g., main.js).
  5. Install the AmplifyPlugin in the application's router/index.js file.
  6. Customize and configure the authentication components as needed.
  7. Set up the storage components for handling binary data uploads and displays.
  8. Adjust the logging level, if needed.
  9. Review and comply with the Apache 2.0 License.


The AWS Amplify Vue Starter is a useful starting point for Vue developers who want to integrate AWS Amplify into their applications. It provides a concise and well-documented guide on how to set up and configure the AWS Amplify library for a Vue project. With its auth routing and storage components, it offers a convenient way to handle authentication and storage functionality using AWS services. The Apache 2.0 License allows developers to use and modify the starter app according to their needs.


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