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Personal website and blog.


This personal website serves as a platform for Aman Mittal to share information about himself and his blog posts. With over 30+ tech publications and 150+ posts, it serves as an alternate platform to access his collection of writings.


  • Information about myself: The website provides details about Aman Mittal, the author, allowing visitors to learn more about him.
  • Blog posts: Aman Mittal shares his writings on various topics, including tech publications and tutorials, through this website.
  • Alternate platform: This website serves as an alternate platform to access Aman Mittal's collection of blog posts and tutorials.


There is no installation process for this personal website as it is a simple static website hosted online. Users can simply visit the website using any web browser.


Aman Mittal's personal website acts as a platform to showcase his writings and provide information about him. With its collection of tech publications and tutorials, this website serves as an alternative platform to access his valuable content.


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