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The hexo-theme-islu is a modified version of the hexo-theme-matery, with additional features. It is a Hexo blog theme that incorporates "Material Design" and responsive design. The theme offers a simple and beautiful layout for blog posts, with a focus on readability. It is designed to be displayed well on various devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.


  • Pjax implementation for uninterrupted music loading
  • HitCount, Gitter, GitHub issues, GitHub license support
  • Downloadable Hexo Version
  • Carousel posts on the homepage with dynamically changing "banner" picture
  • Waterflow layout for the blog posts list
  • Archive page with timeline
  • Word cloud for the tags page and radar chart for the categories page
  • Rich "About" page with information about the author, posts charts, projects, skills, gallery, etc.
  • Customizable friendly link page
  • Support for post topping and rewards
  • Support for MathJax
  • Table of Contents (TOC)
  • Option to append copyright information when copying post content
  • Option for password verification when reading a post
  • Comment modules including Gitalk, Gitment, Valine, and Disqus (Gitalk recommended)
  • Integrated Busuanzi Statistics, Google Analytics, and post word count statistics
  • Support for music and video playback on the homepage
  • Support for emoji emoticons using markdown grammar
  • Integration with DaoVoice and Tidio online chat


  1. Download and install Hexo 5.0.0 or above.
  2. Download the hexo-theme-matery theme.
  3. Decompress the downloaded file and copy the hexo-theme-matery folder to the themes folder of your Hexo blog project.
  4. Modify the value of the theme in the _config.yml file of your Hexo's root folder: theme: hexo-theme-matery.
  5. Modify other configuration values in the _config.yml file as needed, such as the website's main URL, the number of posts per page, and language settings.
  6. If the source directory of your blog doesn't have a categories/index.md file, create a new one to display all categories.
  7. If the source directory of your blog doesn't have a tags/index.md file, create a new one to display all tags.
  8. Customize other pages such as the "About" page as needed.


The hexo-theme-islu is a modified version of the hexo-theme-matery that offers a visually appealing and responsive design for Hexo blogs. With its features such as waterflow layout, carousel posts, and rich "About" page, it enhances the overall user experience. It also provides various customization options for the theme and integrates with popular comment modules and analytics tools. Overall, the hexo-theme-islu is a comprehensive theme that combines aesthetics and functionality for Hexo blogs.