React Native Sqlite

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React Native Sqlite

SQLite3 bindings for React Native


The react-native-sqlite is a binding for sqlite3 for React Native which allows a database to be opened and SQL queries to be run on it. Although the library has not been maintained for a while, and it was never very complete to start with, there is a more usable alternative available at the react-native-sqlite-storage repository. This library was written by Thomas Parslow as part of Active Inbox.


  • SQLite3 Binding: Enables opening and running SQL queries on a SQLite database.
  • Database Location: Looks for the database file in the Documents directory and can create a new database if none is found.
  • Known Issues: Does not support reading BLOB fields and requires manual closing of the database.


To install the react-native-sqlite, use the following npm command:

npm install --save react-native-sqlite

After installing, you need to add the Objective C part to your XCode project:

  1. Drag AIBSQLite.xcodeproj from the node_modules/react-native-sqlite folder into your XCode project.
  2. In XCode, click on the project, go to Build Phases, then Link Binary With Libraries, and add libAIBSQLite.a and libsqlite3.dylib.
  3. Do not have the AIBSQLite project open separately in XCode for it to work.


The react-native-sqlite is a library written by Thomas Parslow for React Native to handle SQLite databases. It provides basic capabilities for running SQL queries and managing databases within a React Native application. However, due to lack of maintenance and completeness, users are encouraged to consider using the more robust alternative at the react-native-sqlite-storage repository.

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