Jekyll Docs Theme

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Jekyll Docs Theme

A mediocre Jekyll theme for writing documentation websites based Bootstrap's old website design


The Jekyll Docs Theme is a Jekyll theme inspired by Bootstrap's official documentation theme. It was originally created by stealing all of Bootstrap Docs' CSS and being used in mistic100's theme, but has since been rewritten from scratch while still being solely inspired by the original design. This theme is designed specifically for writing documentation websites, providing a more organized and maintainable alternative to having large README files or multiple markdown files in a repository.


  • Based on Bootstrap's official documentation theme
  • Designed for writing documentation websites
  • Provides an organized and maintainable alternative to README files or markdown files


To install the Jekyll Docs Theme, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the theme repository from GitHub using the following command in your terminal:
git clone <repository_url>
  1. Change into the theme directory:
cd <theme_directory>
  1. Install the required dependencies using Bundler:
bundle install
  1. Start Jekyll server to preview the theme:
bundle exec jekyll serve
  1. Open your browser and navigate to http://localhost:4000 to view the theme in action.


The Jekyll Docs Theme is a customizable Jekyll theme that is based on Bootstrap's official documentation theme. It provides a more organized and maintainable approach to writing documentation websites, making it easier to create and manage large amounts of content. With its easy installation and compatibility with Jekyll, this theme is a great choice for anyone looking to create professional and user-friendly documentation websites.


Jekyll is a static site generator written in Ruby that allows you to create simple, fast, and secure websites without the need for a database.