Cra Template Aaa Typescript

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Cra Template Aaa Typescript

Official all about apps React template.


The cra-template-aaa-typescript is an npm package that provides an alternative TypeScript template for Create React App. This template offers several features and improvements over the official TypeScript template, including better support for Visual Studio Code, the ability to easily customize configurations, automatic installation of compatible libraries, compile-time safe i18n support, and a sample Login-Page in the frontend code.


  • Better Visual Studio Code support: The template strives to provide seamless integration with Visual Studio Code, enhancing the development experience.
  • Customizable configurations: Users can easily overwrite configurations through a local craco.config.js file in the project, allowing for easy customization.
  • Automatic library installation: The template automatically installs compatible versions of popular libraries within the organization, reducing the setup time.
  • Compile-time safe i18n support: The template includes customized typings and utilities to enable compile-time safe internationalization in the projects.
  • Sample Login-Page: The template includes a sample Login-Page in the frontend code, providing a starting point for authentication implementation.
  • Overwritable eslint configuration: The template allows for the easy customization of the eslint configuration by providing an overwritable .eslintrc file.


To use the cra-template-aaa-typescript template, follow these steps:

  1. When creating a new app, add the --template aaa-typescript flag. For example:
npx create-react-app my-app --template aaa-typescript
  1. For more detailed information, refer to the following resources:


The cra-template-aaa-typescript npm package provides an alternative TypeScript template for Create React App, offering improved features and customization options compared to the official TypeScript template. It focuses on enhancing the development experience with Visual Studio Code support, easy configuration overwriting, automatic library installation, compile-time safe i18n support, and a sample Login-Page in the frontend code. By following the provided installation guide, users can quickly set up a new app using this template.

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