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Aliyun Oss React Native


The Alibaba Cloud OSS SDK for React Native is a tool that facilitates the integration of Alibaba Cloud OSS service with React Native applications. It provides functionalities for managing log, bucket, and object, as well as authorization, file upload, and download. This document aims to guide users on how to install and utilize the SDK assuming they have already set up an Alibaba Cloud OSS account.


  • Language Support: JavaScript, JAVA, Objective-C
  • Environment Requirements: Android 2.3 or above, iOS 8.0 or above
  • Node & React Native Version Compatibility: Node 8.0 or above, React Native 0.44.0 or above
  • Automatic Installation: Easy npm or yarn integration
  • Manual Installation for iOS: Specify instructions for CocoaPods usage
  • Manual Installation for Android: Guide on modifying settings.gradle and app/build.gradle files


  1. For React Native 0.40 or later version, use npm or yarn for automatic installation:

    npm install aliyun-oss-react-native


    yarn add aliyun-oss-react-native
  2. Run the following command in the React Native project to link the package:

    react-native link
  3. For IPv6-Only network support, additional requirements need to be met.

  4. For manual installation on iOS:

    • Integrate the CocoaPods in Xcode project
    • Add required libraries and frameworks
  5. For manual installation on Android:

    • Modify settings.gradle and app/build.gradle
    • Specify required permissions in AndroidManifest.xml and code in


The Alibaba Cloud OSS SDK for React Native facilitates the integration of Alibaba Cloud OSS services with React Native applications. It provides language compatibility with JavaScript, JAVA, Objective-C, and supports environment requirements of Android 2.3 or above and iOS 8.0 or above. With automatic and manual installation options available, users can easily set up the SDK in their projects and leverage its features for managing log, bucket, object, authorization, file upload, and download functionalities seamlessly.

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