React Native Webview Bridge

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React Native Webview Bridge

React Native Webview with Javascript Bridge


The React Native WebView Javascript Bridge allows for a seamless communication bridge between React Native and WebView, enabling developers to easily pass data back and forth between the native and webview components. With key features such as special bridge scripts, methods to send and receive messages, and props for file access settings, this extension streamlines the integration process between React Native and webview components.


  • Bridge Script: Special script injected into all webviews, automatically registering a global variable called WebViewBridge.
  • sendToBridge Method: Facilitates sending messages from React Native to webview, with the message required to be in string format.
  • onBridgeMessage Prop: A function prop that is called upon receiving a message from the webview.
  • allowFileAccessFromFileURLs (Android): Prop enabling locally loaded pages via file:// to access other file:// resources.
  • allowUniversalAccessFromFileURLs (Android): Prop enabling locally loaded pages via file:// to access resources in any origin.


To utilize the React Native WebView Javascript Bridge, follow these installation steps:

  • Run npm install react-native-webview-bridge --save in your React Native project.
  • For iOS: Navigate to Xcode's Project Navigator tab.
  • For Android:
    • Import the required code snippet into (or if using RN < 0.29).
    • Add the package to
    • Include necessary codes in android/setting.gradle.
    • Ensure proper dependencies in android/app/build.gradle.
    • Run react-native run-android to compile.


The React Native WebView Javascript Bridge offers a comprehensive solution for establishing a bridge between React Native and webview components. By providing specialized scripts, methods, and props, this extension simplifies data transmission and interaction between the native and web components. With clear installation instructions and versatile usage options, developers can efficiently integrate this bridge into their projects to enhance functionality and communication capabilities.

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