screenshot of Rapidlaunch


The Next.js SaaS Starterkit built using Shadcn ui, Nextjs 14, DrizzleORM and more


Rapidlaunch is a solution designed to enhance the development process by providing SaaS starter kits, components, and building blocks. With a focus on speed and customization, it aims to accelerate app launches while maintaining open-source flexibility. Rapidlaunch offers a promising toolkit for developers seeking efficiency and adaptability in their projects.


  • SaaS Starterkit: Pre-designed starter kits for SaaS applications.
  • Customizable: Tailor the components to fit specific project requirements.
  • Open Source: Support for open-source development and contributions.
  • In Development: Constant updates and improvements to keep up with the latest trends.
  • Roadmap: Access to a detailed roadmap for upcoming features and enhancements.
  • Contribution Guide: Clear instructions on how to contribute to the project.
  • License: Covered under the MIT License for open and collaborative use.


To get started with Rapidlaunch, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository from the official Rapidlaunch GitHub page.
    git clone [Rapidlaunch-GitHub-URL]
  2. Navigate to the project directory.
    cd Rapidlaunch
  3. Follow the installation instructions provided in the README file to set up the environment and start using the SaaS starter kits and components.


Rapidlaunch offers a valuable set of tools and resources to streamline the development process for SaaS applications. With its focus on speed, customization, and open-source collaboration, it provides developers with an efficient platform to kickstart their projects. By following the clear installation guidelines and leveraging the features like the roadmap and contribution guide, developers can maximize the benefits of Rapidlaunch in their development workflow.


Next.js is a React-based web framework that enables server-side rendering, static site generation, and other powerful features for building modern web applications.


Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework that provides pre-defined classes for building responsive and customizable user interfaces.

Shadcn UI

Beautifully designed components that you can copy and paste into your apps. Accessible. Customizable. Open Source.

Drizzle ORM

Drizzle ORM is a TypeScript ORM for SQL databases designed with maximum type safety in mind. It comes with a drizzle-kit CLI companion for automatic SQL migrations generation. Drizzle ORM is meant to be a library, not a framework. It stays as an opt-in solution all the time at any levels.

Fullstack Boilerplates

A fullstack boilerplate provides a starter application that includes both frontend and backend. It should include database, auth, payments, user roles and other backend services to build a fully featured saas or webapps.