Flutter Shopping UI Kit

screenshot of Flutter Shopping UI Kit

Flutter Shopping UI Kit

I developed this application just for learning purpose. There are over 20 screen variations.


This article discusses a shopping UI design concept developed in Flutter for Android and iOS. The application was created for learning purposes and includes over 20 screen variations. The author provides details about the different screens and acknowledges the inspiration for the authentication screens.


  • Over 20 screen variations for an e-commerce UI concept.
  • Product Detail screens for displaying detailed information about a product.
  • Authentication screens for user login and registration.
  • Product Filter screens for refining search results.
  • Wheel Fortune screens for gamification purposes.


To install the shopping UI design in Flutter, follow the steps below:

  1. Clone the repository from GitHub.
git clone https://github.com/AliAnilKocak/Flutter-Shopping-UI-Kit.git
  1. Change into the project directory.
cd Flutter-Shopping-UI-Kit
  1. Install the Flutter dependencies.
flutter packages get
  1. Run the Flutter application.
flutter run


This article showcases a shopping UI design concept implemented in Flutter. The author created this application for learning purposes, and it includes various screens for displaying product details, authentication, product filtering, and gamification. The installation instructions provided allow users to try out the shopping UI design themselves.


Flutter is an open-source UI framework developed by Google that allows developers to create high-performance, cross-platform mobile applications with a single codebase.


Ecommerce websites sell products or services to customers through an online storefront. These websites typically include features such as product listings, shopping carts, payment processing, and order management tools.