Vue Webpack Chrome Extension Template

screenshot of Vue Webpack Chrome Extension Template

Vue Webpack Chrome Extension Template

Template for quick creation of Chrome extension on Vuejs hot reloading when developing.


The Vue.js Webpack Chrome Extension Template is a handy tool for quickly creating Chrome extensions using Vue.js. It allows for hot reloading during development, making the process more efficient. This boilerplate template is built for vue-cli and offers customization options for the final app. It also includes pre-installed dependencies such as vue, vue-router, lodash, and element-ui.


  • Vue.js Integration: The template is built specifically for Vue.js, allowing for seamless integration and development of Chrome extensions.
  • Hot Reloading: Developers can take advantage of hot reloading, which instantly updates changes without the need for manual refreshes. This significantly speeds up the development process.
  • Customization Options: The template provides various options for customization, making it easy to tailor the final scaffolded app to specific requirements.
  • Pre-Installed Dependencies: The template comes with pre-installed dependencies such as vue, vue-router, lodash, and element-ui. This saves time and effort by providing essential libraries and frameworks right out of the box.


To install the Vue.js Webpack Chrome Extension Template, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the template repository from npm or download the source code.
  2. Navigate to the project directory using the command line.
  3. Install the necessary dependencies by running the command npm install.
  4. Customize the template as needed by modifying the files in the project directory.
  5. Build the Chrome extension using the command npm run build.
  6. The build output can be found in the dist directory.
  7. Load the extension in Chrome by opening chrome://extensions, enabling developer mode, and clicking on "Load unpacked extension".


The Vue.js Webpack Chrome Extension Template provides developers with a convenient starting point for creating Chrome extensions using Vue.js. With features like hot reloading and customizable options, the template streamlines the development process. The inclusion of pre-installed dependencies ensures that essential libraries and frameworks are readily available. By following the installation guide, developers can quickly set up and build their own Chrome extensions.


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