React Instantsearch

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React Instantsearch

⚡️ Lightning-fast search for React and React Native applications, by Algolia.


React InstantSearch is a library that has recently moved to become part of the InstantSearch monorepo. This change has not affected the functionality or availability of the library, which can still be found on npm and CDNs like jsDelivr. This article will provide an analysis of React InstantSearch, highlighting its key features and providing installation instructions.


  • Powerful Search Functionality: React InstantSearch offers a range of powerful search functionalities, allowing users to easily create search interfaces for their applications.
  • Customizable Components: The library provides a set of customizable components that can be easily integrated into existing React applications, enabling developers to create search interfaces that align with their design requirements.
  • Real-time Updates: React InstantSearch automatically updates search results in real-time, providing users with an interactive and seamless searching experience.
  • Accessibility: The library is built with accessibility in mind, ensuring that search interfaces created using React InstantSearch are accessible to all users.


To get started with React InstantSearch, follow these steps:

  1. Install the library using npm:
npm install react-instantsearch
  1. Import the required components into your React application:
import { InstantSearch, SearchBox, Hits } from 'react-instantsearch-dom';
  1. Wrap your application with the InstantSearch component and provide your Algolia credentials:
  {/* Add your search interface components here */}
  1. Add the desired search components, such as SearchBox and Hits, inside the InstantSearch component:
<SearchBox />
<Hits />
  1. Customize the components and configure the search functionalities according to your requirements.


React InstantSearch is a powerful library that provides developers with the tools to create search interfaces for their React applications. With features like customizable components, real-time updates, and accessibility, React InstantSearch empowers developers to create efficient and user-friendly search functionality. The recent move of React InstantSearch to the InstantSearch monorepo has not impacted its availability or functionality, making it a reliable choice for implementing search in React applications.


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