Svelte Preprocess Markdown

screenshot of Svelte Preprocess Markdown

Svelte Preprocess Markdown

Write Svelte components in markdown syntax


The svelte-preprocess-markdown is a useful tool that allows users to import *.md files as Svelte components. This is particularly beneficial when working with components that contain formatted texts and the user does not want to write them in HTML. The tool is built on the superfast Marked markdown parser.


  • Import *.md files as Svelte components
  • Easy integration with Svelte projects
  • Uses the efficient Marked markdown parser


To install the svelte-preprocess-markdown package, follow these steps:

  1. Open your terminal or command prompt.
  2. Run the following command:
npm install svelte-preprocess-markdown
  1. After the installation is complete, edit the rollup.config.js file in your project to include the necessary configuration for using svelte-preprocess-markdown.


The svelte-preprocess-markdown is a valuable tool for Svelte developers who need to import *.md files as Svelte components. It simplifies the process of working with formatted texts and eliminates the need to write them in HTML. With its integration of the Marked markdown parser, it offers a fast and efficient solution for managing markdown content in Svelte projects.


Svelte is a modern front-end framework that compiles your code at build time, resulting in smaller and faster applications. It uses a reactive approach to update the DOM, allowing for high performance and a smoother user experience.


RollupJS is a popular and efficient JavaScript module bundler that takes the code from multiple modules and packages them into a single optimized file, minimizing the overall size of the application and improving its performance.