Awesome Design Systems

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Awesome Design Systems

💅🏻 ⚒ A collection of awesome design systems


A design system is a collection of documentation on principles and best practices that helps guide a team in building digital products. This includes UI libraries, pattern libraries, and guides on areas such as voice and tone.


  • Components: Contains coded patterns and examples.
  • Voice & Tone: Provides guidance on how language should be used.
  • Designers Kit: Includes a Sketch/Photoshop/Figma/etc. file for designers.
  • Source code: Publicly viewable source code.


To install the design system, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository from the source code URL.
  2. Open the designers kit file in Sketch, Photoshop, Figma, or any compatible design tool.
  3. Access the components and patterns in the UI libraries.


A design system is a valuable resource for teams building digital products. It provides documentation, UI libraries, and pattern libraries that ensure consistency and best practices in design and development. The design system also includes guidance on voice and tone, as well as source code accessibility for further customization. With these features, teams can streamline their workflow and deliver high-quality digital products.

UI Kits & Components

A UI kit provides developers with a set of reusable components that can be easily integrated into a website or application. These components are pre-designed with consistent styling and functionality, allowing developers to save time and effort in the design and development process. UI kits can be either custom-built or third-party, and often include components for buttons, forms, typography, icons, and more.