MacOS UI Kit

screenshot of MacOS UI Kit

MacOS UI Kit

:gem: The most detailed and accurate macOS UI Kit for Sketch. This Sketch Library includes common Mac interface elements, cursors, and a Touch Bar UI Kit.


The Preview macOS UI Kit for Sketch is a highly detailed and accurate kit designed for creating Mac app designs. It offers a library filled with hundreds of components, colors, and text styles, providing a fast and efficient way to get started with Mac app design projects.


  • Super Accurate & Pixel Perfect: The UI Kit ensures the utmost accuracy and pixel-perfect designs for a polished and professional look.
  • Quick Start Document: The kit includes a handy quick start document to help users get started with their designs quickly and easily.
  • 750+ Customizable Symbols: With over 750 customizable symbols, users have a wide range of options and flexibility when creating their Mac app designs.
  • 270+ Text Styles: The kit offers a variety of pre-defined text styles, allowing for consistent and stylish typography throughout the design.
  • Dark & Light Mode: The UI Kit supports both dark and light modes, enabling designers to create designs that seamlessly adapt to different interface preferences.
  • Touch Bar Kit Included: The kit also provides a touch bar kit, allowing designers to incorporate touch bar elements into their designs for a complete user experience.
  • Detailed Layer Styles: The UI Kit includes detailed layer styles that can be easily applied to elements for consistent design aesthetics.
  • System Color Variables: Users can take advantage of the system color variables to ensure consistency with native macOS design elements.
  • System Cursors Included: The UI Kit comes with system cursors, making it easy to incorporate native macOS cursor designs into the app designs.
  • SF Symbol Support: The kit supports SF Symbols, providing a wide range of icons and symbol designs to enhance the visual appeal of the app designs.


To install the Preview macOS UI Kit for Sketch, follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest version of the UI Kit.
  2. Open
  3. Go to Sketch > Preferences... > Libraries > Add Library...
  4. Select the macOS UI Kit.sketch file.
  5. Note: Before using the Preview.sketch file, make sure to link the library first.


The Preview macOS UI Kit for Sketch is a comprehensive kit that offers designers a wealth of components, colors, and text styles to create Mac app designs with precision and efficiency. With its accurate and pixel-perfect design elements, extensive symbol and text style libraries, support for dark and light modes, touch bar kit, and inclusion of system color variables and cursors, this UI Kit provides designers with the tools they need to create stunning and native-looking Mac app designs. Additionally, the kit encourages contribution from users, allowing for the expansion of its element library.