Verilog Pcie

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Verilog Pcie

Verilog PCI express components


The Verilog PCI Express Components is a collection of various PCI express related components designed to provide support for several FPGA families from Xilinx and Intel. Included in this collection are PCIe to AXI and AXI lite bridges along with a flexible and high-performance DMA subsystem. The project also comes with full cocotb testbenches that utilize cocotbext-pcie and cocotbext-axi.


  • FPGA-independent PCIe: Supports multiple FPGA families using a generic interface for handling PCIe TLPs.
  • PCIe AXI and AXI Lite Master: Bridges PCIe to AXI, including support for PCIe BARs.
  • Flexible DMA Subsystem: Includes split DMA interface and DMA client modules for high flexibility and performance.


To install the Verilog PCI Express Components, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository from GitHub.
  2. Navigate to the desired FPGA board directory in the repository.
  3. Refer to the provided documentation for specific instructions on setting up the components for the chosen FPGA board.


The Verilog PCI Express Components provide a comprehensive collection of components for supporting PCI express functionalities on various FPGA platforms. With features like FPGA-independent PCIe, PCIe to AXI bridges, and a flexible DMA subsystem, this project offers a versatile solution for FPGA developers working with PCIe interfaces. For detailed installation instructions and examples, users can refer to the GitHub repository and accompanying documentation.