Django Clean Template

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Django Clean Template

Чистый Django шаблон с nginx, gunicorn и systemd конфигами


This is a clean Django project template that allows developers to quickly start development. The template includes a Systemd config, nginx, and gunicorn.


  • Clean Template: Provides a clean Django project template to start development quickly.
  • Systemd Config: Includes a Systemd config file for managing the project.
  • Nginx Integration: Integrates with nginx for improved performance and web server capabilities.
  • Gunicorn: Uses gunicorn as the web server for the Django project.


To install the template, follow these steps:

  1. Specify the Python interpreter and domain name in the installation command. Run the following command:
python runserver domain_name
  1. Fill in the database settings in the Django config file (src/config/
  2. Check the status of the gunicorn daemon by running the following command:
systemctl status gunicorn
  1. The gunicorn logs can be found in the gunicorn/access.log and gunicorn/error.log files.
  2. After making changes to the Systemd config, reapply the changes and restart the unit by running the following commands:
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart unit_name


This Django project template provides a convenient starting point for developers, offering essential features like a clean template, Systemd config, nginx integration, and the use of gunicorn as the web server. The installation process involves specifying the Python interpreter and domain name, configuring the database settings, checking the status of the gunicorn daemon, and managing the Systemd config.