Library Jekyll Theme

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Library Jekyll Theme

Create a digital bookshelf using Jekyll.


The library-jekyll-theme is a theme that allows users to easily create a digital bookshelf to showcase their favorite books. With this theme, users can build a visually appealing and organized platform to display their literary collection. Whether you are a book lover, a writer, or a publisher, this theme provides a user-friendly solution to create a beautiful bookshelf on your website.


  • Easy Bookshelf Creation: With this theme, users can effortlessly create a bookshelf on their website using Jekyll.
  • Digital Showcase: The theme provides a visually appealing platform to display books, allowing users to showcase their favorite reads.
  • Organized Collection: Users can categorize and organize their book collection based on genres, authors, or any other preferred criteria.


To install the library-jekyll-theme, follow the steps below:

  1. Clone the repository:
git clone[repository-name].git
  1. Enter the repository directory:
cd [repository-name]
  1. Install the necessary dependencies:
bundle install
  1. Configure the theme: Edit the _config.yml file according to your preferences and add your bookshelf details.

  2. Build your site:

bundle exec jekyll build
  1. Preview your site:
bundle exec jekyll serve

You can now view your bookshelf theme by accessing http://localhost:4000 in your browser.


The library-jekyll-theme is a convenient solution for users who want to create a digital bookshelf on their websites. It offers easy installation, key features such as bookshelf creation and organization, and provides a visually appealing showcase for book enthusiasts. With this theme, users can effectively share and display their favorite books in an organized and attractive manner.


Jekyll is a static site generator written in Ruby that allows you to create simple, fast, and secure websites without the need for a database.