React Native Deck Swiper

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React Native Deck Swiper

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The React Native Deck Swiper is a customizable card-swiping component that allows users to swipe through a deck of cards. It offers various animations, overlay labels, event callbacks, and customization options to enhance the user experience.


  • Rotation animation: Cards can rotate during swiping.
  • Opacity animation: Cards have opacity animations.
  • Zoom animation: Cards can zoom in or out when swiped.
  • Overlay labels: Provides overlay labels on cards.
  • Show next card while swiping: Users can preview the next card while swiping.
  • Swipe event callbacks: Offers various callbacks for swipe events.
  • Trigger swipe animations programmatically: Users can trigger swipe animations via code.
  • Jump to a card index: Allows users to jump directly to a specific card index.


To install the React Native Deck Swiper, you can use npm. Run the following command in your project directory:

npm install react-native-deck-swiper


The React Native Deck Swiper component offers a feature-rich solution for implementing card-swiping functionality in React Native applications. With support for various animations, overlay labels, event callbacks, and customization options, developers can create engaging swipe interfaces for their users. Its ease of installation and flexibility make it a convenient choice for integrating swipeable card decks into mobile apps.

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