Material Sense

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Material Sense

A React Material UI template to create rich applications with wizards, charts and ranges


The Material Sense template is a React Material UI template that provides a full simple application with a responsive design. It includes features such as a graph using recharts, router functionality, and a docker container for production build. The template was created with Create React App and can be easily customized for small and middle deployments.


  • Responsive design
  • Graph using recharts
  • Router functionality
  • Docker container for production build


To install the Material Sense template, follow these steps:

  1. Clone or download the template from the GitHub repository: GitHub - Material Sense.

  2. In the project directory, run yarn install to install the required dependencies.

  3. After the installation is complete, you can run the following scripts:

    • yarn start - Runs the app in development mode on http://localhost:3000.
    • npm test - Launches the test runner in interactive watch mode.
    • npm run build - Builds the app for production to the build folder.
  4. Optionally, you can run npm run eject to customize the build tool and configuration choices.

  5. Additionally, you can deploy the app to GitHub Pages using yarn deploy.

  6. If you prefer to work with Docker, you can build and run the project in a Docker container:

    • First run: docker build . -t material-sense
    • Then: docker run -p 2222:2222 material-sense


The Material Sense template is a highly customizable React Material UI template that offers a range of features for building responsive applications. It provides a convenient way to incorporate graphs, routing, and Docker containerization into your projects. With its easy installation process and built-in scripts, developers can quickly get started and customize the template to suit their needs.


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