React Native Multibar

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React Native Multibar

React Native MultiBar


React Native MultiBar is a module that enables the implementation of extended actions by incorporating a custom tab bar with an advanced button. It offers functionality for creating a unique user interface within React Native applications.


  • Custom Tab Bar: Allows the addition of a custom tab bar to the interface.
  • Extended Actions: Provides functionality for implementing advanced actions.
  • Advanced Button: Includes an advanced button within the tab bar for additional actions.


To install the React Native MultiBar module, you can use npm. Run the following command in your project directory:

npm install react-native-multibar


To use the module in your React Native project, import it as follows:

import { Multibar } from 'react-native-multibar';


React Native MultiBar is a versatile module that enhances the user interface of React Native applications by allowing the addition of a custom tab bar with an advanced button. It simplifies the implementation of extended actions and provides a unique user experience for app development.

React Native

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