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✨ An opinionated way to keep your express API organized


Lumie is a lightweight module designed for nodejs projects that allows users to set up a scalable controllers architecture. It offers features such as maintainability, scalability, quick setup, and easy testability.


  • Maintainable: Lumie provides a well-organized structure for controllers, making your project easy to maintain.
  • Scalable: The architecture set up by Lumie allows for scalability as your project grows.
  • Quick setup: Lumie offers a streamlined process for setting up routing definitions.
  • Easily testable: The modular organization of controllers in Lumie facilitates testing.


To install Lumie, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install Lumie using npm:

    npm install lumie
  2. Create a controllers directory in your nodejs project.

  3. Define routing definitions in separate files inside the controllers directory. For example, a file like cars.js can handle endpoints for /cars/.

  4. Customize the configuration options, if needed, like setting the verbose option to true for console route name printing.


Lumie offers a convenient solution for managing controllers in nodejs projects, providing a structured and scalable architecture. Its key features include maintainability, scalability, ease of setup, and testability. By following the installation guide and utilizing Lumie's features, developers can efficiently organize their project's controllers for better maintenance and growth.


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