Payload Plugin Lexical

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Payload Plugin Lexical

Extends payload CMS with Meta's lexical RichText editor - a much more advanced and customizable richtext editor


The Payload Lexical Plugin is an npm package for Payload CMS that adds a lexical-based richtext editor. It is a more modern and user-friendly alternative to the existing Slate-based editor. The plugin comes with a range of customizable features, including tables, markdown, speech-to-text, and more. It is also easy to extend and add new functionality to the editor. In the future, Lexical will power the next richtext editor in Payload 2.0, and a converter will be provided to seamlessly migrate from the lexical plugin to the core editor.


  • Lexical-based richtext editor
  • More modern and user-friendly than the existing Slate-based editor
  • Customizable features such as tables, markdown, and speech-to-text
  • Easy to extend and add new functionality to the editor
  • Seamless migration to the future core editor in Payload 2.0


To install the Payload Lexical Plugin, use the command:

yarn add payload-plugin-lexical

Please ensure that you have a minimum required payload version of 1.6.32.


The Payload Lexical Plugin is a powerful and user-friendly addition to the Payload CMS, offering a more modern and customizable richtext editor. With features like tables, markdown, and speech-to-text, it provides a versatile editing experience. The plugin is easy to install and compatible with the upcoming Payload 2.0 core editor.


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