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A great starting point to build your SaaS in Flask & Python, with Stripe subscription billing 🚀


This project is a fork of Max Halford's flask-boilerplate and aims to provide a starting point for building a Saas (Software as a Service) business. The creator of the project believes that the high prices of SaaS bootstraps/boilerplates, priced at over $1,000 per year, are unreasonable and aims to offer an efficient and easy-to-use alternative.


  • User account sign up, sign in, and password reset with asynchronous email confirmation.
  • Form generation.
  • Error handling.
  • HTML macros and layout file.
  • "Functional" file structure.
  • Python 3.x compliant.
  • Asynchronous AJAX calls.
  • Administration panel.
  • Logging.
  • Work-in-progress: Stripe subscriptions.
  • Work-in-progress: RESTful API for payments.
  • Work-in-progress: Simple RESTful API to communicate with your app.


To install the theme, follow these steps:

  1. Install Flask, Flask-Login, Flask-SQLAlchemy, Flask-WTF, Flask-Mail, itsdangerous, Flask-Bcrypt, Flask-Admin, Flask-Script, structlog, Flask-DebugToolBar, gunicorn, Flask-Stripe, Semantic UI, and Leaflet JS.
  2. Set up the development environment by running make install && make dev.
  3. Create the database by running python manage.py initdb.
  4. Run the application by running python manage.py runserver.
  5. Access the application by navigating to localhost:5000.


This project is a fork of Max Halford's flask-boilerplate, providing a starting point for building a Saas business. It offers features such as user account management, form generation, error handling, and an administration panel. The installation process involves setting up the required libraries and running some commands to initialize the database and run the application.


Flask is a lightweight and popular web framework for Python, known for its simplicity and flexibility. It is widely used to build web applications, providing a minimalistic approach to web development with features like routing, templates, and support for extensions.


Bootstrap is the most popular CSS Framework for developing responsive and mobile-first websites.

Templates & Themes

A template or theme refers to a pre-designed layout or structure that provides a basic framework for building a specific type of application or website. It typically includes good design, placeholder content and functional features, allowing developers to customize and fill in the details according to their specific needs.