Meross Homeassistant

screenshot of Meross Homeassistant

Meross Homeassistant

Custom component that leverages the Meross IoT library to integrate with Homeassistant


The Meross HomeAssistant component is a full-featured component that allows users to drive Meross devices using HomeAssistant. The underlying MerossIot library is used for this component. Users have the option to install the component via HACS or manually.


  • Integration with Meross devices
  • Compatibility with HomeAssistant
  • Easy installation via HACS or manual installation


There are two options for installing the Meross HomeAssistant component:

Option A: Installing via HACS

  1. Search for "Meross" in the default HACS repository
  2. Click on "Install"
  3. Restart HomeAssistant

Option B: Classic installation (custom_component)

  1. Download the latest zip release archive
  2. Unzip the archive and copy the "meross_cloud" directory
  3. Paste the "meross_cloud" directory into the "custom_components" directory within your HomeAssistant configuration directory
  4. Restart HomeAssistant


The Meross HomeAssistant component is a powerful tool for controlling Meross devices through HomeAssistant. With easy installation options via HACS or manual installation, users can quickly integrate their devices and enjoy full control and compatibility.