Ngx Admin

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Ngx Admin

Customizable admin dashboard template based on Angular 10+


ngx-admin is a popular Angular open source dashboard template used by developers worldwide and Fortune 500 companies. It offers over 40 Angular components, 60+ usage examples, and multiple visual themes. The template is based on the Nebular modules set and is compatible with Angular Material and Nebular UI Bakery. It also provides an authentication module with multiple providers and is highly configurable with hot-reload. Users can switch to the material theme or use the starter kit branch for a minimalistic version.


  • Popular and trusted Angular open source dashboard template
  • Over 40+ Angular components and 60+ usage examples
  • Backward-compatible material theme
  • Works perfectly with Angular Material and Nebular
  • Multiple visual themes available
  • Authentication module with multiple providers
  • Highly configurable with hot-reload
  • Empty starter kit version available


To install ngx-admin, you need to use NodeJS version 14.14+ due to the node-sass version used in the application. Here are the installation guidelines:

  1. Install NodeJS version 14.14+.
  2. Clone the ngx-admin repository.
  3. Navigate to the ngx-admin folder in your terminal.
  4. Run the following commands:
    npm install
    npm start


ngx-admin is a widely-used Angular open source dashboard template that offers a range of features and flexibility for developers. It provides multiple visual themes, extensive component library, and compatibility with Angular Material and Nebular. The material theme is also available for a seamless transition. With its installation guidelines and customizable options, ngx-admin is a valuable tool for Angular developers looking to kickstart their projects.


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