Jekyll Rdf

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Jekyll Rdf

📃 A Jekyll plugin to include RDF data in your static site or build a complete site for your RDF graph


The Jekyll RDFA is a plugin for Jekyll that allows users to include RDF data in their static websites. It provides a way to easily integrate RDF resources into Jekyll and render them as web pages. This plugin adds functionality to Jekyll, making it a powerful tool for building semantic web applications.


  • Gem Version: Allows users to easily check the version of the Jekyll RDFA plugin they are using.
  • Build Status: Provides information about the current build status of the plugin, allowing users to quickly see if there are any issues.
  • Coverage Status: Gives users an overview of the code coverage of the plugin, indicating how well the code is being tested.


To install the Jekyll RDFA plugin, users need to first install Jekyll. They can follow the installation instructions at the official Jekyll website ( Once Jekyll is installed, users can add the Jekyll RDFA plugin to their project.

If users are using Bundler and have a Gemfile in their Jekyll directory, they can add the Jekyll-RDF plugin to the plugins section of the Gemfile. They should replace the version string with the currently available stable release listed on After updating the Gemfile, users should run either "bundle install" or "bundle update".

If users are not using a Gemfile, they can install Jekyll-RDF using gem.

There is also an option to build the plugin from source, which is explained in the Development section.


The Jekyll RDFA plugin allows users to easily include RDF data in their static websites built with Jekyll. It provides features such as version checking, build status, and code coverage status. The installation process involves installing Jekyll first and then adding the Jekyll RDFA plugin to the project. Overall, this plugin enhances the functionality of Jekyll and makes it a valuable tool for building semantic web applications.


Jekyll is a static site generator written in Ruby that allows you to create simple, fast, and secure websites without the need for a database.