React Native Tabs

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React Native Tabs

React Native platform-independent tabs. Could be used for bottom tab bars as well as sectioned views (with tab buttons)


The react-native-tabs is a platform-independent library for React Native that enables the user to create tabbed navigation. It can be used for both bottom tab bars and sectioned views with tab buttons, providing flexibility and versatility in displaying content.


  • Decoupling content views from tab bar
  • Platform-independent
  • Support for using Flux actions with react-native-router-flux for switching between content views
  • Suitable for both bottom tab bar and upper sectioned buttons with proper styling
  • Custom views for each tab icon
  • Selectable tab styles for both all tabs and individual tabs
  • Ability to lock tab buttons for long-press activation


To install the react-native-tabs library, you can follow these steps:

  1. First, install the package via npm:
npm install react-native-tabs --save
  1. Import the library in your React Native component:
import Tabs from 'react-native-tabs';
  1. Begin using the Tabs component in your render method with the required attributes and props as mentioned in the documentation.


The react-native-tabs library provides a convenient way to implement tabbed navigation in React Native applications. With its platform-independent nature and flexibility in customization, it allows for the seamless creation of tab bars or sectioned views with tab buttons. By decoupling content views from the tab bar and supporting custom tab icon views, this library enhances the user experience and navigation flow within React Native apps.

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