React Native Tableview

screenshot of React Native Tableview

React Native Tableview

Native iOS UITableView for React Native with JSON support and more


The React Native TableView component offers a way to quickly and efficiently display long lists of data with no performance loss. It boasts features such as built-in accessory types, pull-to-refresh functionality, and the ability to create custom UITableView cells using React Native syntax. With native support for JSON data sources, easy customization for look and feel, and quick installation steps, this component is a valuable tool for developers looking to implement iOS-style table views in their React Native apps.


  • iOS TableView Look and Feel: Mimics the look and feel of iOS TableView, including group and plain table view types with sections headers.
  • High Performance: Displays long lists of data, like country lists, without performance loss.
  • Built-in Accessory Types: Supports checkmark or disclosure indicator accessories for table rows.
  • Pull-to-Refresh: Includes the functionality to refresh the table view by pulling down on the list.
  • AutoFocus Property: Automatically scrolls to the initial selected value during component initialization.
  • Automatic Item Selection: Allows automatic selection of items with "checkmark" and old item deselection, useful for selecting items like country/state.
  • Native Section Index Titles: Renders native section index titles for easy navigation.
  • Native JSON Support: Directly reads JSON from the app bundle, enhancing performance by reducing JavaScript loading time.
  • Custom Cell Styling: Create custom UITableView cells with flexible height using React Native syntax.
  • Native Editing Mode: Supports move/delete options for table items/sections.


To install the React Native TableView component, follow these steps:

Using npm:

npm install react-native-tableview

Using yarn:

yarn add react-native-tableview

For React Native < 0.60.0, version 2.x.x of the library must be used. For CocoaPods or React Native version >= 0.60.0, follow the provided linking steps. For React Native <= 0.59, manual linking may be required in Xcode.


The React Native TableView component provides developers with an efficient solution for implementing iOS-style table views in their React Native apps. With features such as high performance data display, built-in accessory types, and native JSON support, this component simplifies the process of creating interactive and visually appealing table views. By following the installation steps and utilizing the customization options available, developers can enhance their app's user interface and user experience seamlessly.


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