Ui Neumorphism

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Ui Neumorphism

📕 React component library designed on the "new skeuomorphism" or "neumorphism" UI/UX trend.


The ui-neumorphism is a React component library designed based on the "new skeuomorphism" or "neumorphism" UI/UX trend. This library offers more than 50 individual components and follows the neumorphic design trend. It provides a demo fitness app created by Jray and thorough documentation for each component, including examples and code previews.


  • Neumorphic Design Trend: The library is designed based on the neumorphic design trend, which gives a modern and elegant look to the components.
  • More than 50 Individual Components: The library offers a wide range of components to choose from, enabling developers to easily build user interfaces.
  • Well-Documented: Each component in the library comes with detailed documentation, including examples and code previews, making it easy for developers to understand and implement.


To install the ui-neumorphism library, follow these steps:

  1. Install the library using npm:
npm install ui-neumorphism
  1. Import the necessary components in your project:
import { Button, Card, Input } from 'ui-neumorphism';
  1. Use the imported components within your application:
<Button>Click Me</Button>
  <Input placeholder="Enter text" />


The ui-neumorphism library is a React component library that follows the neumorphism UI/UX trend. With more than 50 individual components, this library provides developers with a wide range of options for creating modern and elegant user interfaces. The well-documented components, along with examples and code previews, make it easy for developers to understand and use the library effectively.


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