Mobile_Shopee E Commerce Website

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Mobile_Shopee E Commerce Website

In this complete E-commerce Website, We will take a look at how to create Mobile Shopee Using PHP and Mysql Database. We gonna start by creating an HTML template then convert it into PHP and then use MySQL database to fetch products and display it in the project.


The Mobile Shopee E-Commerce Website is a complete guide on how to create an e-commerce website using PHP and MySQL. This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating an HTML template, converting it into PHP, and using a MySQL database to fetch and display products in the project.


  • E-commerce functionality: The website includes features such as product listing, product details, shopping cart, and order placement, allowing users to purchase products online.
  • HTML to PHP conversion: The tutorial demonstrates how to convert an HTML template into PHP to make the website functional and dynamic.
  • MySQL database integration: The website relies on a MySQL database to store and retrieve product information, including product details and inventory.


  1. Download the Mobile Shopee E-Commerce Website: Begin by downloading the Mobile Shopee E-Commerce Website files from the provided source.
  2. Extract the files: Once the download is complete, extract the files to a desired location on your local machine.
  3. Set up a local server: Install and configure a local server environment such as XAMPP or WAMP to run the website.
  4. Import the database: Open the MySQL database management tool (such as phpMyAdmin) and import the provided database file included with the Mobile Shopee E-Commerce Website.
  5. Configure database connection: Open the PHP files in a code editor and update the database connection details to match your local server configuration.
  6. Run the website: Start your local server and access the Mobile Shopee E-Commerce Website using a web browser.


The Mobile Shopee E-Commerce Website is a comprehensive tutorial that guides you through the process of creating an e-commerce website using PHP and MySQL. It covers the conversion of an HTML template into PHP, integration of a MySQL database for product data management, and implementation of essential e-commerce features. By following the step-by-step instructions, readers can create their own functional e-commerce website and gain valuable insights into PHP and MySQL development.