Templates Using Bootstrap4

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Templates Using Bootstrap4

🌆 Here I've aggregated some of the most commonly used web-page templates made using Bootstrap4 🛒


The web-page component templates using Bootstrap 4 offer a collection of commonly used templates for various sections of a website. These templates are designed to provide a responsive and visually appealing layout for web pages developed with Bootstrap 4 framework. From login pages to galleries, these templates cover a wide range of components to enhance the user experience.


  • Login Page: Professional login page design for user authentication.
  • Create-Account Form: User-friendly form for creating new accounts or signing up.
  • Footer: Standard footer design for website navigation and additional information.
  • Contact Page: Section dedicated to contact information and communication.
  • Employees Section: Template for showcasing team members or employees.
  • Pricing Table: Structured layout for presenting different pricing plans.
  • Sitemap: Organized display of website structure for easy navigation.
  • Shortcuts: Quick links or shortcuts for easy access to important pages.
  • Galleries: Includes Audio, Photo, and Video Gallery templates for showcasing multimedia content.


To utilize these Bootstrap 4 web-page component templates, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Bootstrap 4 framework from the official website if not already included in your project.
  2. Copy the HTML and CSS code snippets for the desired template from the provided resources.
  3. Insert the code into your project's files where you want to incorporate the specific template.
  4. Customize the content and styles as needed to match your website's design and branding.
  5. Test the responsiveness and functionality of the template on different devices to ensure compatibility.


The Bootstrap 4 web-page component templates offer a convenient solution for developers looking to quickly implement common website sections with a modern and responsive design. By using these templates, developers can save time on designing and coding these components from scratch, allowing them to focus more on other aspects of web development. With a variety of templates available, websites can be enhanced with professional and user-friendly interfaces for better engagement and interaction.


Bootstrap is the most popular CSS Framework for developing responsive and mobile-first websites.