Gatsby Absurd

screenshot of Gatsby Absurd

Gatsby Absurd

An absurd Gatsby starter


The Gatsby Absurd starter is a fascinating and beautiful project created by Diana Valeanu. It is a collection of illustrations called, which showcases thoughtful and experimental concepts. This starter serves as a way to put together these illustrations on a website.


  • Collection of illustrations from by Diana Valeanu
  • Thoughtful and experimental concepts in design
  • Easily customizable and modifiable


To install the Gatsby Absurd starter, follow these steps:

  1. Install the dependencies by running the following command:

    yarn install
  2. Run the development server using the command:

    yarn dev
  3. To build the project for production, use the following command:

    yarn build
  4. If you encounter any miscellaneous errors, try cleaning the cache by running the command:

    yarn clean


The Gatsby Absurd starter is a visually stunning project that showcases the collection of illustrations from With its thoughtful and experimental design concepts, it offers a unique and customizable starting point for building a website. The installation process is straightforward, making it easy to get started with this starter.


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