Native Navigation

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Native Navigation

Native navigation library for React Native applications


Native Navigation is a React Native navigation library currently in beta, designed to provide a more "native" navigation experience utilizing the iOS and Android platform navigational components. While the project is still in development and subject to API changes, it offers a promising alternative for those seeking a navigation solution that closely integrates with platform-specific features.


  • Basic Usage: Provides simple and intuitive navigation setup for React Native apps.
  • Custom Navigation Implementations: Allows for customization and integration with existing apps.
  • Tabs and Deep Linking: Supports tab navigation and deep linking within the app.
  • Shared Element Transitions: Facilitates shared element transitions for a seamless user experience.
  • Platform Differences: Handles platform-specific variations in navigation components seamlessly.


To install Native Navigation, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Ensure npm and the ruby bundler gem are installed.
  3. Run the project by executing the respective commands:
    • To run on iOS: npm run run:ios
    • To run on Android: npm run run:android


Native Navigation is a React Native library that focuses on incorporating native navigation components from iOS and Android platforms to provide a more authentic navigation experience. While still in beta, the project offers key features such as basic usage setup, custom navigation implementations, support for tabs and deep linking, shared element transitions, and handling platform differences effectively. It is recommended for those looking to leverage platform-specific navigation functionalities in their React Native applications.


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