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Huxy Admin

Huxy Admin is a customizable admin dashboard template based on React18. Built with Webpack5, @huxy/pack, useRouter, useStore, etc.


Huxy Admin is a customizable admin dashboard template based on React 18. It is built with Webpack 5, @huxy/pack, useRouter, useStore, and other technologies. This template is designed to provide efficient and convenient development of maintainable and scalable systems. It uses MERN full-stack technology to quickly develop responsive web applications.


  • Customizable admin template for efficient development
  • Built with Webpack 5, @huxy/pack, useRouter, useStore, etc.
  • Uses MERN full-stack technology for responsive web applications


To install Huxy Admin template, follow these steps:

  1. Install the necessary dependencies using pnpm:

    pnpm install
  2. Configure the project according to your needs, e.g., for running the template project:

    npm start
  3. Additional commands available for various tasks:

    • Build: npm run build
    • Analyze build files: npm run analyze
    • Run unit tests: npm test
    • Check code style: npm run lint
    • Fix code style issues: npm run lint-fix
    • Format code: npm run prettier
    • Release with changelog: npm run release
  4. Huxy Admin provides git code hooks (using Husky), commit message linting (using commitlint), and supports pnpm for dependency management.


Huxy Admin is a customizable admin dashboard template built with React 18 and various technologies. It offers efficient and convenient development of maintainable and scalable systems using MERN full-stack technology. The template provides features such as customizable themes, routing configuration, permission management, API management, and more. It also includes easy installation and additional commands for various tasks.


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