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:coffee: Free and open-source Jekyll theme


This product is a modified version of a simple grey theme for Jekyll. It includes various features such as sitemap and XML feed, pagination on the homepage, real-time search posts, related posts, Disqus comments, projects page, social media sharing, Google analytics, HTML compression, and screenshot functionality.


  • Sitemap and XML Feed: Provides a sitemap and XML feed for the website.
  • Pagination in Homepage: Implements pagination on the homepage for easy navigation.
  • Posts under Category: Organizes posts under different categories for better content organization.
  • Realtime Search Posts: Enables search functionality to find posts by title and description.
  • Related Posts: Displays related posts based on the current post being viewed.
  • Highlight preNext & Previous Post: Highlights the previous and next posts for easy navigation.
  • Disqus Comment: Integrates Disqus comments for user engagement and discussion.
  • Projects Page & Detail Project Page: Includes a projects page and detailed project pages for showcasing work.
  • Share on Social Media: Allows users to share content on various social media platforms.
  • Google Analytics: Integrates Google Analytics for website traffic analysis.
  • HTML Minify: Compresses HTML using Jekyll Compress HTML.
  • Screenshot: Supports screenshots for post pages.


To install this theme, follow these steps:

  1. Fork this repository (link to repository).
  2. Edit the site settings inside the _config.yml file.
  3. Edit your projects in the and _data/projects.json files, as well as in the _project/ folder for detailed project pages.
  4. Edit your personal information in the file.

To use the theme:

a. Adding a new category:

  • Save the category under the path of category/.

b. Adding a new post:

  • Create a new markdown file for the post (allowed extensions: *.markdown or *.md).
  • Save the file under the _posts/ folder with the format <date:%Y-%m-%d>-<slug>.<extension> (e.g.,

Installing and updating:

  • Install the theme in your local environment.
  • Update the Gemfile.lock.


  • Feel free to open a bug or contribute to the code!


This product is a modified version of a Jekyll theme that offers various features for a website, including sitemap and XML feed, pagination, search functionality, related posts, comments, projects page, social media sharing, Google analytics, HTML compression, and screenshot support. The installation process involves forking the repository, editing configuration files, adding new categories and posts, and updating the theme. Contributions to the project are welcome.


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