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CodeIgniter4 Boilerplate based on AdminLTE 3 with user management, roles, permissions, ...


The CodeIgniter 4 Application Boilerplate is a package designed for creating a back-office application quickly using CodeIgniter 4 framework. It provides various features such as user management, role-based permissions, configurable backend theme, and a dynamically-generated menu. The package is still in early development and encourages contributions from the community.


  • Configurable backend theme: The package uses AdminLTE 3 as the default backend theme but can be easily configured to use any other theme.
  • CSS framework Bootstrap 4: The package incorporates Bootstrap 4 for easy and responsive styling of the application.
  • Icons by Font Awesome 5: Font Awesome 5 icons are included in the package, providing a wide range of icon options for the application.
  • Role-based permissions (RBAC): The package utilizes Myth/Auth to implement role-based permissions, allowing for granular access control.
  • Dynamically-Generated Menu: The menu for the back-office application is dynamically generated based on the user's permissions and roles.
  • Localized English / Indonesian: The package supports localization for both English and Indonesian languages, making it accessible to a broader audience.


  1. Get The Module
  2. Set CI_ENVIRONMENT, baseURL, index page, and database config in your .env file based on your existing database. If you don't have an .env file, you can copy it from env file: cp env .env first.
  3. Run publish auth. Note: For configuring auth, you can refer to the instructions in Myth/Auth documentation.
  4. After publishing Config/Auth.php, modify public $views in app\Config\Auth.php with the provided lines.
  5. Open app\Config\Filters.php, find $aliases and add the provided lines.
  6. Run publish, migrate, and seed boilerplate commands.
  7. Run the development server.
  8. Open http://localhost:8080/admin in your browser to access the back-office application.


The CodeIgniter 4 Application Boilerplate is a package that simplifies the process of creating a back-office application using the CodeIgniter 4 framework. It offers various features such as configurable backend theme, role-based permissions, and a dynamically-generated menu. The package also supports localization and encourages community contributions. With its easy installation guide and comprehensive features, it provides a solid foundation for building robust back-office applications.