Jquery File Upload Middleware

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Jquery File Upload Middleware

jQuery-File-Upload Express.js middleware


The jquery-file-upload-middleware is an Express.js middleware that is based on the server code of jQuery-File-Upload. It provides functionality to manage file uploads efficiently within an Express.js application.


  • Secure File Uploads: Prevent access to upload directories except for POST requests to enhance security.
  • Configuration Override: Ability to override global configurations for file uploads.
  • Event Handling: Implement events for more dynamic file upload handling.
  • Dynamic Upload Directory: Customize upload directory and URL to isolate user files.
  • File Management: Move uploaded files to different directories for organization.
  • File Mapping: Retrieve uploaded files mapped to their corresponding file system locations.
  • Default Options: Access and modify various options and their default values.


  1. Install the jquery-file-upload-middleware package using npm:
npm install jquery-file-upload-middleware
  1. Integrate the middleware into your Express.js application using the following code snippet:
var upload = require('jquery-file-upload-middleware');
app.use('/upload', upload.fileHandler());


jquery-file-upload-middleware is a useful middleware for managing file uploads in an Express.js application. With features like secure file uploads, configuration override, event handling, and dynamic directory management, it provides a comprehensive solution for handling file uploads effectively. By following the installation guide and utilizing the key features, developers can enhance their file upload functionality with ease.


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