Svelte Tailwind Snowpack

screenshot of Svelte Tailwind Snowpack

Svelte Tailwind Snowpack

TailwindCSS with Svelte and Snowpack v3


This is a community template for combining Svelte and TailwindCSS using Snowpack. It offers a development environment with features like svelte-preprocess, autoprefixer, testing with @testing-library/svelte and Web test runner, and prettier with svelte-plugin.


  • Svelte and TailwindCSS integration
  • svelte-preprocess for preprocessing Svelte files
  • Autoprefixer for automatically adding vendor prefixes to CSS
  • Testing support with @testing-library/svelte and Web test runner
  • Prettier integration for code formatting


To create a new project using this template, follow these steps:

  1. Open your terminal and navigate to the desired directory.
  2. Run the following command to create a new project:
npx degit sveltejs/template svelte-app
  1. Change into the newly created project directory:
cd svelte-app
  1. Install the required dependencies:
npm install
  1. Start the development server:
npm run dev
  1. Open your browser and visit http://localhost:5000 to see the running application.


This community template provides a convenient starting point for developing projects using Svelte and TailwindCSS. It includes useful features like preprocessing, autoprefixing, testing, and code formatting. The installation process is straightforward, making it easy to get started with a new project.


Svelte is a modern front-end framework that compiles your code at build time, resulting in smaller and faster applications. It uses a reactive approach to update the DOM, allowing for high performance and a smoother user experience.


Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework that provides pre-defined classes for building responsive and customizable user interfaces.


PostCSS is a popular open-source tool that enables web developers to transform CSS styles with JavaScript plugins. It allows for efficient processing of CSS styles, from applying vendor prefixes to improving browser compatibility, ultimately resulting in cleaner, faster, and more maintainable code.