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Poll It Up is a community polling app that allows teachers, government officials, and citizens to create and launch polls to gather opinions and solutions for various problems. The app also allows users to prioritize the most urgent polls and find polls related to their local community. Poll It Up is PWA optimized, allowing users to download and run it as a native app.


  • Launch polls for various problems and gather opinions and solutions.
  • Prioritize urgent polls for potential drastic reforms.
  • Find polls near your location and contribute to local issues.
  • PWA optimized for native app-like experience.


To start working with Poll It Up, follow these simple steps:

  1. Comment on the issue you want to work on and get assigned.
  2. Fork the repository.
  3. Clone your forked copy of the project.
  4. Navigate to your project directory and open it in your code editor.
  5. Add a reference (remote) to the original repository.
  6. Check the remotes for this repository.
  7. Install dependencies.
  8. Always take a pull from the upstream repository to keep your branch up to date.
  9. Start the development server.
  10. Create a new branch.
  11. Make your desired changes to the code base.
  12. Track your changes.
  13. Commit and push your changes to your remote repository.
  14. Open a pull request with a descriptive title and description.
  15. Add your name to the CONTRIBUTING.md file after your PR gets merged.
  16. Follow any further instructions mentioned in the CONTRIBUTING.md file.


Poll It Up is a community polling app that allows users to launch and answer polls for various problems. It prioritizes urgent polls and provides a platform for users to contribute to local issues. The app is PWA optimized, offering a native app-like experience. Installation and contribution guidelines are provided for users interested in collaborating with the project.


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