Aframe Presentation Kit

screenshot of Aframe Presentation Kit

Aframe Presentation Kit

:video_camera: Starter slides for giving talks and presentations about A-Frame.


The aframe-presentation-kit is an official starter slide deck for giving talks and presentations about A-Frame, a web framework for building virtual reality experiences. The kit is built on top of reveal.js, an HTML presentation framework, and provides a comprehensive set of slides covering various topics related to A-Frame and virtual reality. With embedded A-Frame scenes and speaker notes, the kit enables presenters to easily demonstrate and explain concepts in an interactive and engaging manner. The kit also offers customization options to tailor the content and styling according to the audience and presentation requirements.


  • Starter slide deck for A-Frame presentations.
  • Comprehensive coverage of virtual reality and A-Frame topics.
  • Embedded A-Frame scenes for live demos.
  • Speaker notes for in-depth explanations.
  • Customizable content and styling.
  • Easy deployment on GitHub Pages.
  • Local server for better network performance during presentations.
  • Full screen and overview modes for presentation control.
  • Integration with A-Frame Inspector for visual scene editing.


To install the aframe-presentation-kit, follow these steps:

  1. Download the repository as a .ZIP file from the provided link (approx. >200MB).
  2. Start the local server by running the command npm run start in the terminal.
  3. Open http://localhost:8080 in your browser to access the presentation slides.


The aframe-presentation-kit is a valuable resource for anyone looking to give talks and presentations about A-Frame and virtual reality. It provides a ready-to-use slide deck with comprehensive coverage of relevant topics, embedded A-Frame scenes for live demos, and speaker notes for detailed explanations. With customization options, easy deployment on GitHub Pages, and integration with A-Frame Inspector, presenters have the flexibility and tools to deliver engaging and interactive presentations. Whether introducing virtual reality concepts or diving into A-Frame development, this kit is a reliable companion for sharing knowledge and insights in the VR community.