Hover UI Kit

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Hover UI Kit

Create beautiful user interfaces for immersive VR/AR experiences.


Hover UI Kit is a powerful tool designed to create visually stunning and highly customizable user interfaces for VR/AR applications. It simplifies the interaction process by relying on the "hover" mechanism, which can be performed using any 3D input device. This innovative kit addresses the unique challenges of UX in immersive environments.


  • Dynamic User Interfaces: Hover UI Kit enables the creation of dynamic and engaging user interfaces for VR/AR applications.
  • "Hover" Interaction Mechanism: Users can interact with the interfaces using a simple and consistent "hover" action, compatible with any 3D input device.
  • Customizability: The kit offers extensive customization options, allowing developers to tailor the interfaces to their specific needs.
  • Compatibility with 3D Input Devices: Hover UI Kit seamlessly integrates with popular 3D input devices such as Leap Motion, Vive controllers, Oculus Touch controllers, and more.
  • Hovercast Interface: An example interface showcasing the Hovercast feature, compatible with Leap Motion hands.
  • Hoverkey Interface: An example interface demonstrating the Hoverkey feature, compatible with Leap Motion hands.
  • Hoverpanel Interface: An example interface illustrating the Hoverpanel feature, compatible with Leap Motion hands.
  • Default Cursor Positions: The kit provides default cursor positions for popular 3D input devices like Vive controllers, Oculus Touch controllers, and Leap Motion hands.


To install Hover UI Kit, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Hover UI Kit package from the project's website.
  2. Extract the downloaded package to your desired location.
  3. Include the necessary files in your VR/AR application project.
  4. Configure the kit according to your project's specifications.
  5. Start creating beautiful and dynamic user interfaces using the "hover" interaction mechanism.

Example code snippet for importing the Hover UI Kit package:

import hoverUI from 'hover-ui-kit';

// Other code related to your VR/AR application


Hover UI Kit is a comprehensive tool that helps developers create visually stunning and interactive user interfaces for VR/AR applications. Its key features include the simple "hover" interaction mechanism, extensive customization options, compatibility with popular 3D input devices, and example interfaces showcasing various use cases. By utilizing Hover UI Kit, developers can address the complex UX challenges of immersive environments and deliver seamless user experiences.