Hugo Orbit Theme

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Hugo Orbit Theme

Great looking resume/CV theme designed for developers.


The Hugo Orbit Theme is a responsive resume/CV template designed for developers. It is a Hugo port of the original Orbit template created by Xiaoying Riley. The theme is built on Bootstrap 3 and includes 6 color schemes, FontAwesome icons, and LESS files. It is compatible with all modern browsers and offers improvements for print format.


  • Original design by Xiaoying Riley
  • Fully responsive
  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • Built on Bootstrap 3
  • 6 color schemes
  • FontAwesome icons
  • LESS files included
  • Compatible with all modern browsers


To install the Hugo Orbit Theme, follow these steps:

  1. Inside the folder of your new Hugo site, run the following command:
hugo new theme
  1. For more detailed instructions, refer to the official setup guide of Hugo.


The Hugo Orbit Theme is a responsive resume/CV template designed specifically for developers. It offers a clean and modern design, with features such as FontAwesome icons, multiple color schemes, and support for print format. The theme is built on Bootstrap 3 and is compatible with all modern browsers. To install the theme, simply follow the provided installation instructions.


Hugo is an open-source static site generator that features fast build times, flexible themes, support for multiple content formats, multilingual websites, live reloading, and an active community. It allows developers to easily create and deploy SEO-friendly and mobile-responsive websites.


A personal website is an online platform that showcases an individual's work, interests, and personality. It can include a range of content, such as a bio, resume, portfolio, blog, and contact information, and is often used to promote one's personal brand or professional services.