Create Graphql

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Create Graphql

Command-line utility to build production-ready servers with GraphQL.


Create-GraphQL is a command-line utility designed to assist in building production-ready servers with GraphQL. It can generate Mutations, Types, and more components for existing projects. The tool enables developers to streamline and accelerate the development process by automating server setup and generating essential components.


  • Build Production-Ready Servers: Easily create GraphQL servers for your projects.
  • Generate Mutations and Types: Quickly generate Mutations, Types, and other essential components.
  • New Project Creation: Create a new GraphQL project effortlessly.
  • Flexible File Generation: Generate individual files for specific components like Mutations or Types.


To install Create-GraphQL using Yarn, run the following command:

yarn global add create-graphql

Using NPM, you can install it by executing:

npm install -g create-graphql


Create-GraphQL is a powerful command-line utility that simplifies the process of setting up GraphQL servers and generating key components for projects. By offering features like quick project creation, flexible file generation, and ease of use, it aims to enhance developer productivity and facilitate efficient GraphQL server development. Whether you are starting a new project or enhancing an existing one, Create-GraphQL can be a valuable tool in your development workflow.


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